About Us

One day Lorraine (pictured left) and Judy walked their dogs around Green Lake. They discussed what they might do upon retirement. One idea was to lick envelopes; the other was to start a community orchestra. They chose the second alternative and began immediately.

The Ravenna String Orchestra was organized in 1996. As the membership grew and the players became more advanced, a second orchestra was begun at Langston Hughes Center for the Arts in 2000. This orchestra later gravitated to the Ravenna-Eckstein Community Center where it became known as the Ravenna Second String Orchestra. All rehearsals are at this community center, 6535 Ravenna Ave. NE, but our increasing numbers have necessitated presenting the quarterly concerts in the nearby auditorium of Eckstein Middle School, 3003 NE 75th St. There are three sessions each year in the fall, winter and spring, each followed by a concert.

Judy Drake is a violinist who was the conductor from the initiation of the orchestra through February 2017.

Lorraine Hughes was the co-director/pianist through February 2017.

Joseph Pollard White conducts the Wednesday night Advanced Orchestra.

Nathan Harrison conducts the Monday night Intermediate Orchestra.

Seattle Parks and Recreation sponsors both orchestras.



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